Learn the “Spatial Ownership” Method For Getting Kids to Pick Up After Themselves Without Arguing or Meltdowns

The Spatial Ownership Essentials Training Includes: 

  • 22-minute Video Training on creating sustainable, family-friend organizing systems in your home ($49 Value)
  • ​3 Spatial Ownership Self-Assessments to quickly identify your biggest opportunities for quick progress ($29 Value)
  • Private Neat Mama Facebook Community access for support and accountability ($199 Value)

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From: Jen Van Buskirk

RE: Creating a beautiful home with kids who do their part
Hey there Mama!

Before you pick you up another stray backpack or toy block off the living room floor, I want you to hear this.

Because there’s a new breakthrough method women are using to eliminate kids’ chaos…

And turn messy homes into a peaceful sanctuary the whole family happily helps to maintain… 

Even if none of the systems they've tried in the past have worked.
  • Creating a sustainably tidy home you’re proud to show off
  • ​Developing a team-mentality in the home where everyone is working with and for each other
  • ​Building children’s self-sufficiency and maturity
  • Giving you back more time and energy to enjoy the day-to-day moments with your kids
Here are just a few Moms who've made it a reality
“My kids started helping out around the house more and now it has been easier to stay on top of things before they get out of hand, which means my stress is lower and I have time to get to other projects and initiate more family game time.
-Tristin, Mom of 2
“My family is now onboard with keeping our home in working order. What a relief that has been. This really helped make my home feel like mine again! AMAZING!!”
- Cheryl, mother of 2
"My kids are so pumped up about how they're now the boss of their things. Promoting autonomy.
-Erin, mother of 4
All by following the simple "Spatial Ownership" Approach!

Hi I’m Jen!

I've organized over 500 families' homes since 2015, but one in particular sticks out in my mind...

A woman named Kathy called me in tears...

Her house was a disaster, she told me. 

Just recently she'd gotten into an argument with her husband.

He couldn't understand why she wasn't keeping the house picked up - even though she was home all day with the kids.

But he didn't see her never-ending to-do list ...

And he didn't get that she was the bottleneck responsible for clearing up EVERYONE'S stuff...

Not to mention the cooking, homeschooling, doctor's appointments, dishes, errands - you get it...

And that often meant:
  • Missing out on precious little moments of family time, preoccupied with all the household tasks
  • Ruined evenings as asking her kids to pick up ended in tantrums
  • Confusion from her husband as to why - as a SAHM - she couldn’t keep the house looking nice
  • Unable to relax in her own home with the constant mess driving her crazy

How Did She End Up Here?

She'd already tried several systems with no lasting results...

But then we implemented a unique new concept called the Spatial Ownership approach and something clicked...

The moment I read this, I knew the most important thing I needed to do with my organizing skills ...
Helping Moms get more support in keeping a beautful home - with enough time and energy left to soak up the little moments.

What is "Spatial Ownership" Exactly?

Quite simply, it's a child's sense of pride, empowerment and accountability around maintaining their own spaces.

Taught to your kids, it quickly transforms you from the “bottleneck” who does everything to the leader who delegates without resistance.

And it all boils down to making FUN, EASY and REALISTIC for your kids to do their part, happily and independently.

It reshapes homes by:

  • ​Tapping into the natural “motivation centers” in kids’ brains so they want to participate
  • ​Reducing friction and eliminating the obstacles holding kids back
  • ​Creating the structures kids need to be self-sufficient
  • ​Using the science of learning, motivation and childhood development to make it stick
See most traditional organizing and home management strategies focus ONLY on the stuff and the space, but...

Learning to guide those crazy little humans in your home will set you free!


Here's one Mama's transformation following the 3 steps of Spatial Ownership:

Life (and a new baby) had taken over in this Mama's home and she didn't even know where to start.
Now her daughter can find her toys, books and games - and put them away - all on her own!  
You see the transformation in her space - and that's part of it.  

But the real breakthrough happened with her kids.

They LOVE their new space and thanks to the "Routine Regulation" aspect of Spatial Ownership, they're actually EXCITED to pick up...

And Mom's not even bugging them to do it!

Empower Kids to Keep Any Space Looking Great

This 7 year-old girl puts all her supplies away when she's crafting.  Goodbye chaos! (Bonus points for the wrapping station on the door 🥰)
These kids (ages 7 and 4) have kept their rooms clean for over a month (and counting).  And they're even helping in the main living areas 😊
Picking up is now a fun game for this 8 y/o and she loves playing in her bedroom more than ever because she’s not overwhelmed by chaos!

Yea but does it last more than a day?

Let's be honest - kids don't always make it easy. 

But Spatial Ownership empowers kids AND parents by making it gradually easier over time to keep them involved.

Will they always be perfect little angels?  Of course not.

But will your home look way nicer - even as you do less of the work?  

And will you have less conflict with your kids about picking up?

Here are a few Moms who found out for themselves...

Taught in just one weekend...

By the end of her weekend implementation, Erin's kids were excitedly picking up - and her oldest was taking a leadership role with the smallest ones to keep them on track.

If Erin can do this in one day with four kids under 5 y/o and a military spouse stationed away from home...

What can YOU accomplish this weekend?

Time Expense Investment

An hour invested saves you dozens of hours a year in housework.

Strange as it may sound, the more you feel like you don’t have time for this, the more you probably need this…

And the more profound of a change you’ll experience as a result…

You can't keep doing it all, Mama!

Having Playroom CEOs means you finally have time to fill your own cup...

With a yoga class...

Meeting up with a girlfriend...

Or maybe doing a date-night with your hubby.

And you'll have more energy to share special moments with your kids without feeling distracted or burned out.

Kathy thought her 5 y/o son was too wild to follow along...

“I used to be really organized but I am finally admitting defeat!”
Fast forward a few weeks and......
“Like you said, everyone has been really motivated to help keep everything in order! "

Bursting at the seams with clutter or poor storage?

I’ve yet to meet a Mom who isn’t amazed at how much stuff her family has piled up over the years.

But using the “Bi-Flow Clutter Control” element of Spatial Ownership, Moms are clearing excess clutter and keeping it out long-term.

“My daughter’s playroom felt like a toy dumpster until…”

“Our family of 4 had accumulated more junk than I’d like to admit, but…”

This Ripples Far Beyond 
Just Having a Neat Home

This is also about taking control of your destiny and designing the home and life you know you deserve.

As Dr. Jim Taylor, renowned parenting psychologist, states in his Taylor’s Law of Family Responsibility: 
“If family members fulfill their own responsibilities and do not assume others’, then children develop into healthy, happy, and successful people, and parents are happy too.”
This is precisely what Spatial Ownership is designed to do in your home.

It’s already happened for Mamas like you…with crazy schedules, wild kids and constant chaos.  Now it’s your turn! 

Take the Shortcut To Spatial Ownership

I've spent the last 5 years perfecting Spatial Ownership.

And  I've put everything together into a step-by-step system any Mama can follow to transform their home as soon as this weekend...

Spatial Ownership Essentials

Bring Order to Kids' Chaos and Finally Get the Help You Deserve

Spatial Ownership Essentials is an action-oriented plan for taming household disorganizaiton and empowering your kids to do their part around the house.
Here's What's Included:
  • 22-minute Video Training on creating sustainable, family-friend organizing systems in your home ($49 Value)
  • ​​3 Spatial Ownership Self-Assessments to quickly identify your biggest opportunities for quick progress ($29 Value)
  • Private Neat Mama Facebook community access for support and accountability ($199 Value)
Every strategy you get inside Spatial Ownership Essentials has been tested and perfected in my clients’ homes.    

Get the clarity and direction you need to make progress TODAY!
These insights would normally cost hundreds of dollars...
You're getting my most important insights from years of working with hundreds of Moms with all size families and homes...

My private clients pay $350 for a half-day of services - for me to implement exactly what I share with you in this training.

Then why would I make this so affordable?

1. I believe happier Moms have the biggest opportunity to make the world a better place by what they demonstrate to their children.

2. I have other trainings that I'd love for you to explore.  So I want you to get a ton of value right away and continue your journey with me until your home is exactly how you want it!

Who’s this program for?

This program is for Moms who value the benefits of organization and simplicity, but feel:
  • Overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos that's accumulated in your home
  • ​Frustrated by kids who won't pick up after themselves 
  • Held back by limited storage space in your home
  • ​Desire for sustainable organizing systems that keep your home in order
  • ​Ready to teach your kids self-sufficiency around the house so you can reclaim your time and energy
A simple plan to get clarity and make long-term progress.
Spatial Ownership has transformed all of these homes...
"My kids are so proud of their new spaces." - Cole H.
“My kids started helping out around the house more which means my stress is lower and I can initiate more family game time.”-Tristin, Seattle, WA
“Life changing!!  My daughter's playroom haunted me.  But it's now a joy to be in.  Play time is now more fun for her and I both.  -Deanna, Charleston, SC

"Such a blessing and motivator to me..."

"Exactly what I've needed for so long!"

"My family is on board...wht a relief"

"Can't thank you enough for igniting that spark!"

"A huge help to our family!"

By the time you're finished

As you apply this training, you can expect: 
  • ​​A clear blueprint you can follow in ANY space in your home (kids or adults) to create sustainable organizing systems
  • ​Addressing the root causes of kids disorganization to make long-term changes in your home
  • Simple kid-friendly maintenance routines your children can happily keep up on their own
  • Less household conflict and resistance to picking up after themselves
  • More time and energy to be "present" and enjoy your home and your family 
Start making these improvements TODAY!

We'll be covering these topics and more...

  • The 3 Essential Steps to creating Spatial Ownership in your home
  • ​The “missing link” that keeps systems from working long-term in your home - and how to make sure this time is different
  • How to re-frame housework into something your kids are attracted to doing
  • ​The big mistake parents don't even realize they're making when they ask kids for help 
  • ​Why certain “incentives” actually make kids LESS likely to participate
  • ​5 critical questions to ask BEFORE recruiting kids to help out
  • ​Actionable ideas for quickly decluttering, organizing, systemizing and getting your kids involved

Stay Motivated and Accountable
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It’s so much easier to hit our goals when we take our journey with other like-minded people!

As soon as you enroll, you'll be invited to the private Neat Mama Facebook community to get inspired, ask questions and share your biggest breakthroughs!

Try It Risk-Free Before You Decide…

I’m certain you’ll be completely thrilled with this training! 

And I’m happy to take all the risk by giving you a 60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee to give you complete confidence in your investment.

No questions, no guilt trips... just a smile and well wishes.  

Because whether you’re a student or not, I want you and your family to thrive!
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3 Spatial Ownership Self-Assessments

Quickly identify your biggest opportunities for quick progress in each step of Spatial Ownership ($29 Value)

Neat Mama Facebook Community Access

Join other Mamas on the same journey as you.  Stay inspired and accountable ($199 Value)

Mama, you deserve a beautiful home AND a family who participates!

But it won't happen unless you take action now.  So join me on this journey!
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Live and love beautifully,
Jen Van Buskirk

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